At our dental practice, we are proud to lend our support to Arts Empowering Life Inc., an organization that shares our passion for enhancing lives through the transformative power of the arts. We believe that art has the unique ability to inspire, heal, and bring communities together. By supporting Arts Empowering Life Inc., we are actively contributing to the enrichment of our local community and beyond. We recognize the profound impact that artistic expression can have on individuals, particularly those facing adversity or challenging circumstances. Through our partnership, we aim to provide opportunities for individuals of all ages to engage with various art forms, fostering personal growth, creativity, and well-being. We firmly believe that investing in the arts is an investment in the future, as it empowers individuals to unlock their full potential and lead fulfilling lives. By supporting Arts Empowering Life Inc., we are privileged to contribute to a cause that aligns with our values and positively impacts the lives of countless individuals, making a lasting difference in our community.

We are pleased to support the new Arts Empowering Life performing arts building in Brewster. Side by side, professionals and volunteers took on a visionary project and it is now being used for rehearsals, performances and a summer arts camp program. We, and all our employees, have donated our time and talents to help build this project. We have given financial support as well to help ensure that the arts continue to thrive, educating, inspiring, and entertaining all who live on Cape Cod and in the Northeast.

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